About the company

  • In our 20 years of experience in electrical engineering, we have gained experience in the steel industry, shipbuilding, water infrastructure (sewage and tanks, irrigation stations) and commercial and tertiary businesses. We have a team of specialists in the field (foremen and engineers), that are ready to meet the desires of the most exigent clients.
  • We rely on exceptional quality, technical performance, reliability and competitive pricing of the materials provided, produced by prestigious companies in Europe.
  • We considered important and useful to establish the company „AB-Elektro GmbH & Co.KG” here in Germany in order to ensure collaboration with our partners in accordance with the german regulations and laws, and also with legally binding contracts.
– We use our „know-how“ with our highly qualified and experienced employees.
– Due to various conditions we can offer very competitive prices.
– If necessary, we are able to quickly increase the number of our employees.
– Ab-Elektro  is registred at the Chamber of Crafts (number 137551)–Chamber of Middle Franconia.